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Introduction : Knowledge That Liberates

Knowledge That Liberates


Do any of the following questions arise in your mind?

  • Is there truly a way to get rid of my anger and worries permanently?
  • How can I get permanent peace and not just temporary peace that prevails when I meditate?
  • Besides living a happy and successful life, I also want to realize my true Self, is it possible to attain this?
  • Is it possible to live a spiritual life without compromising my worldly life?

If yes, then all your problems can be solved through Gnan (True Knowledge).

The darkness of ignorance can be instantly dispelled by the light of true knowledge. True knowledge is result oriented.


True Knowledge Extract about Gnan (True Knowledge) From Param Pujya Dadashri's Discourses

"Gnan (True Knowledge) is that which presents itself during all circumstances and provides solutions at all times. You can remain in contentment under all situations, even when someone insults you or steals from you. That is how this science is".


Question How can this Gnan(True Knowledge) make me free?

An Incident from Dadashri's life

Dadashri's life incident "One day I was going to some one's wedding. I had put on my long white coat and was walking along. Suddenly spit fell on my coat. As I looked up to see where it came from, I saw the man duck to hide. He hid as I looked up, but Gnan (True Knowledge) immediately showed me that, 'He did not intend to spit on me, and nor was it a desire of the coat to be spat on'. I did not have enlightenment at the time, but I realized that he did not intend to spit on me. Why did the poor man hide? He hid out of fear. I began to wonder who was at fault here? Why did it happen to me and not anyone else? There were so many other people around me at that time. This would not have happened had I passed by 10 seconds earlier. Why did it happen only today, and not on any other day? How come I decided to take this route and not the other route? I began to question this incident from all aspects and that was how I discovered vyavasthit shakti (scientific circumstantial evidences). I did not call it vyavasthit at the time but I learnt that there was some certain energy that was at fault. So I went back and changed into another coat."

Question I am constantly tormented by my past. I cannot forget it. What can I do to come to terms with this situation?

Read and understand the following Gnan captions (True Knowledge quotes) and see how they instantly alleviate suffering:

Also understanding the Science of Karma (science of cause and effect) will easily help you forgive those who have hurt you. It will reduce your inner turmoil.

This Gnan (True Knowledge) is called Akram Vignan, as expounded by the Gnani Purush A. M. Patel, also known as 'Dadashri.' It is a practical Spiritual Science, not a religion! Once you attain this knowledge, it can be easily applied to help alleviate all your suffering.

I am interested in attaining this knowledge. What is the procedure and how much does it cost?

In keeping with Dadashri's principles, there is no fee for acquiring the Knowledge of the Self (Self Realization), or for attending the spiritual seminars. Self Realization is attained primarily through a special process called 'Gnanvidhi'. Thereafter, its deeper understanding and its practical applications is acquired through attending seminars, which are held throughout the year. In fact, the invaluable Knowledge of Akram Vignan is free to all.

"There must be religion in business, but there must never be business in religion".
- Dadashri

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Why do you call this knowledge of Akram Vignan, a science?

Science never contradicts and it is absolute. It is precise and therefore, its application achieves consistent results and gives tangible experiences at all times. All the referred requisites of science are present in Akram Vignan. Hence, it is called Spiritual Science. Akram Vignan is the scientific knowledge of your true Self.

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