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Achieve self realization and experience eternal bliss in 2 hours ! - Read More

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Scientific Process of Self Realization

Open to understand the ultimate truth about yourself?

Are you truly who you believe yourself to be? Read on to find out the ultimate fact of life.

Realizing the True “I”

Will you not have to investigate who you really are? For how long can you go on being in the dark, unaware of your real Self? Do you not think it is ignorance to not investigate your true identity?

Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be wrong and incorrect.

Even before you purchased your watch, did you not inquire about its make, quality, price, warranty, etc.? Then, is it not ironic that you have not made inquires about your own Self yet? Who are you? You have no knowledge about your true identity, where you come from, and where you are. You know none of these things and even without knowing the answer to this one vital question, “Who am I?” you complicate your life further, by actively participating in this relative world.

Even when you fall asleep at night, you do so as David (note: please replace this name with your own name). All night long this wrong belief reinforces itself, becoming stronger and stronger. Only when you realize the answer to the question “Who am I?” does your wrong belief stop. It is because of this wrong belief that you have been wandering from one life to another. You do not know your true identity and furthermore you impress upon yourself the belief of that which you are not. You have imposed this wrong belief on your Real Self. In addition, you have also accepted the notion, “I am David,” and as a result, have behaved accordingly. This false accusation is a blunder. This blunder is the root cause of all suffering. This suffering comes in the form of inner restlessness, misery and discontentment. At the moment, you have so many worries caused by your false belief of, “I am David”. This false imposition on the Self is ignorance, and brings forth suffering.

The Gnanis (Enlightened One)  have the knowledge to replace this blunder with the fundamental right belief that ends all suffering… 

Realize your true Self and experience your Soul through the scientific process of Self-Realization (Gnan Vidhi)

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Gnan Vidhi is a scientific process to attain Self-Realization. It is a divine gift from Gnani Purush (Enlightened One) Param Pujya Dadashri (Shri Ambalal M. Patel, also fondly known as "Dada Bhagwan").

Self realization is the awakening of your Soul or true 'Self.’ If we ask you, what is your name? You will answer “David.” You do not have to remember that your name is 'David,' and if someone says anything bad or wrong about David, then you may experience suffering, wondering 'why is this person abusing me?’ This happens as you have a strong belief that 'I am David.'

When you attain Self realization, your belief that 'I am David' is broken with the Divine grace of the Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan and the right belief that 'I am Pure Soul' is established within 2 hours. This scientific process to achieve Self-realization is called Gnan Vidhi. Nothing gets changed externally, just the internal awareness that David is separate and 'I am a Pure Soul' starts from within.

Who can acquire Gnan Vidhi (Self Realization)?

Anyone above 18 years of age is welcome to undertake Gnan Vidhi. There is no need to change your present guru or religion. A Gnani Purush is needed for Self-realization and to guide you on a path to ultimate liberation. The teachings of the Gnani Purush are relevant to followers of all religions. 

Is there a fee to receive Gnan Vidhi?

The Gnan Vidhi is a priceless gift given freely to all. There is no charge of any kind.

Self -Realization 150x 101

Wish to learn more about this wonderful spiritual science and the enlightenment? Download a free copy of “Simple and Effective Science for Self Realization



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