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  • Who Am I
    Who Am I
  • Free From Worries
    Free From Worries
  • Conflict Management
    Conflict Management
  • Positive Parenting
    Positive Parenting
  • Harmony in Relationships
    Harmony in Relationships
  • True Wealth
    True Wealth
  • Free From Anger
    Free From Anger
  • Science Of Speech
    Science Of Speech
  • Pure Love
    Pure Love
  • Understand Nature
    Understand Nature's Justice
  • Free From Karma
    Free From Karma
  • Pratikraman
  • Science of Death
    Science of Death
  • Eternal Happiness
    Eternal Happiness
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Satsangs By Pujya Deepakbhai

  • Satsang and Gnanvidhi in Adalaj, India
    Oct, 03-Oct, 04
    Dada Nagar Hall,
    Dadabhagwan Trimandir Sankul, Ahmedabad - Kalol highway
  • Trimandir Khatmuhurat in Vadodara, India
    Oct, 05
    Nr. Babariya College,
    Vadodara-Surat Highway,
    NH-8, Varnama Village
  • Satsang and GnanVidhi in Dar-Es-Salaam
    Oct, 21-Oct, 23
    Diamond Jubilee Hall
    Malik Rd,
  • Satsang and GnanVidhi in Mombasa
    Oct, 24-Oct, 26
    Shree Visa Oshwal Vanik Community
    Mwembe Tayari Road,
    Near Hotel Sapphire
  • Satsang and GnanVidhi in Nairobi
    Oct, 27-Oct, 29
    Oshwal Centre(Ring Road Parklands)
    Opposite Ukay Centre
  • Satsang and Gnanvidhi in Dubai, UAE
    Nov, 04-Nov, 06
    Grand Excelsior Hotel,
    Al Mankool,
    Kuwait street,
    Bur Dubai
  • Diwali Celebration In Adalaj, India
    Nov, 11
    Ahmedabad-Kalol Highway, Adalaj
  • New Year Celebration In Adalaj, India
    Nov, 12
    Ahmedabad-Kalol Highway, Adalaj
  • Satsang and Gnanvidhi in Adalaj, India
    Nov, 14-Nov, 16
    Dada Nagar Hall,
    Dadabhagwan Trimandir Sankul, Ahmedabad - kalol highway
  • Dada Bhagwan's 108 th Janma Jayanti in Pune
    Nov, 24-Nov, 29
    Mulik Palace,
    Kalyani Nagar, Opp. The Bishop's School.

Satsangs By Aptaputra

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