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Auspicious Mantra/Prayer : to remove all wordly obstacles

Param Pujya Dadashri explains the fundamental meaning of Trimantra in this book. Tri-Mantra is a mantra or prayer with the power to subdue all difficulties, obstacles in life & experience peace / shanti.

In this prayer or mantra obeisance is offered to all beings of supreme awareness.i.e. Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna or Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, Simandhar Swami etc.This mantra is not exclusive to any one religion, sect or faith.

All the wordly problems or difficulties are sure to be healed by reciting this powerful prayer or mantra. It is indeed a miracle prayer or mantra!

Param Pujya Dadashri explains how this mantra uplifts those who recite it with the correct understanding. Recite it for five times with full awareness every morning & evening and experience your difficulties reduce significantly!


Spiritual Quotes on "Auspicious Mantra/Prayer : to remove all wordly obstacles"

  1. "Words are the cause for the continued existence of this world. If you utter the words of highly elevated beings, you will be blessed, but if you speak the words of the wrong people, you will encounter difficulties. That is why it is important to understand all this."
  2. "Why should the Navkar mantra be revered? It is because these five Parameshtis - the arihant, the siddha, the acharya, the upaadhyaya, the sadhu, in the five salutations, are the instruments of liberation. Keep this your only goal"
  3. "The Trimantra is such that it benefits those who recite it, whether they understand it or not. But those who understand its meaning will reap a greater benefit. Those who recite it without the understanding will gain limited benefits for having just spoken it verbally. A tape record does not benefit when it plays the mantra, but as long as there is a presence of the soul within, whoever recites it, will definitely benefit!"
  4. The current living tirthankar is Simandhar Swami; it is through His name that your work for liberation will have to be carried out, only then can the Navkar mantra be complete. If a collector has been promoted to a Governor, would it not be disrespectful to continue addressing him as a collector?
  5. Shree Krishna and Mahavir Swami are Gods with a physical  body. Why do we call them God? It is because the Lord has completely manifested within them.
  6. The first portion of the Trimantra represents the Jains, then comes the portion for the Vasudevs and the last portion Moslems, the Christians, everyone else.
  7. Embodiment of salvation (kalyan swaroop) is called shiva. Those who are presently living and have no ego are called shiva. As such there is no person named Shiva. Shiva in itself means kalyan swaroop - a savior.
  8. People say the mantra for two purposes. They are bhaav and dravaya pujas. Bhaav puja, the devotion of inner intent only, is for spiritual progress. Dravya puja, is the devotion and offerings in the relative realm for obstacles in the worldly interactions.
  9. The sadhus we refer to are those who do sadhana (striving, self-discipline; rituals etc) to achieve the Soul, not the ones whose sadhana is aimed for attainment of worldly things, for gratification of tastes, for fame and prestige.
  10. All the scriptures of the Lord are available but you have to acquire the precise understanding of the scriptures. That understanding can never be attained without an experienced person; the Gnani Purush. On the contrary, without a Gnani, you would go astray.
Trimantra (The Three Mantras)

Trimantra (The Three Mantras)

Namo Arihantanam
I bow to the Lord who has annihilated all the inner enemies of anger, pride, attachment and greed.

Namo Siddhanam
I bow to all the Lord who have attained final liberation.

Namo Aayariyanam
I bow to all the Self-realized masters who unfold the path of liberation.

Namo Uvazzayanam
I bow to the Self-realized teachers of the path of liberation.

Namo Loye Savva Saahunam
I bow to all who have attained the Self and are progressing in this path in the universe.

Eso Pancha Namukkaro
These five salutations.

Saava Paavappanasano
Destroy all the sins.

Mangalanam cha Saavesim
Of all that is auspicious mantras.

Padhamam Havai Mangalam
This is the highest.

OM Namo Bhagwatey Vashudevay
I bow to the One who has become the Supreme Lord from a human being.

OM Namah Shivaaya
I bow to all auspicious beings of this universe who are the instruments of salvation of the world.

Jai Sat Chit Anand
The Awareness Of The Eternal Is Bliss

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